Get the most out of Exhibiting

Keep track of your exhibits. See exactly what's happening and your ROI.

All-in-one solution

Imagine a space where you can talk to your team, track ROI and control your budgets, manage service providers and capture sales leads. Look no further.
Voxgig is here to help you do just that. Our platform means you can throw away your excel files and manage each stage of your exhibit from just one place. Seamless.

Optimize your sponsorship budget through targeted, powerful event search

Measure sponsorship success through social media reporting

See ROI through budget and expenses tracking and reporting

Let Voxgig do the work for you!

Tired of trying to pull together expense and budget reports from numerous places? We hear you! Our Budget and Expenses apps means no more running around, trying to pull reports together - YAY! And with our Report Builder, sit back, put your feet up and let Voxgig do the work for you.

Never miss another Tweet or Like

Never miss another Tweet or ‘Like’. Show off to your team! Measure the success of your exhibit with our Social Media Reporting tools. Check out the buzz around your event, track Twitter follower increases and number of Tweets. Voxgig helps you collect and collate data then show off just how much of an impression your exhibit made. At Voxgig, we have your back!

Make your team more awesome

Talk to your team from just one place. Say NO to sending out endless emails! Keep your team updated and be even more awesome with Voxgig’s Team Space and Group Messaging features. Communicate event changes, track your team and keep your team beside you every step of the way!

Capture those leads!

Can’t find that business card? Ditch them, we say! Capture all your leads in our platform and mobile app. Lead Capture saves you precious time and allows you to manage all your new contacts from one place. With the Voxgig toolkit, following up after the exhibit couldn’t be easier.

Not only can you create instant charts showing the split of your leads’ demographics, locations and more, but you’ll be able to send batches of emails right from the platform. Kick-off valuable conversations with your leads and never miss out on another business opportunity!

Keep track of your Service Providers

Need catering? Swag not arrived for your engineers? Don’t panic.
Keep on top of all your service providers by storing their contact files and uploads in one place. Create Service Providers contact lists so you can track down who you need, when you need them. Easy-peasy!

Pinpoint the best tech events!

You know there are tons of amazing tech events out there that could make the world of difference to your brand. Trouble is, how to find them. Voxgig’s powerful, accurate search engine allows you to discover events that match your objectives and see if it’s a good fit.

Add your brand to the Voxgig search engine, making you even more discoverable to event organizers and get matched with the right events to exhibit at. Now we’re talking!