Book Recommend­ations

Get in depth knowledge to improve your Developer Relations excellence.

Developer Relations

How to build and grow a successful developer program

Caroline Lewko & James Parton

This book is a groundbreaking reference text providing a strategic perspective on Developer Relations for the first time.​It is written for both current or aspiring Developer Relations leaders and their stakeholders within a wider organization. This book helps to contribute to the growing recognition and professionalization of Developer Relations as a practice and for Developer Relations to achieve C level authority within companies.

The Business Value of Developer Relations

How to build and grow a successful developer program

Mary Thengvall

Discover the true value of Developer Relations as you learn to build and maintain positive relationships with your developer community. Use the principles laid out in this book to walk through your company goals and discover how you can formulate a plan tailored to your specific needs.

Developer Marketing and Relations: The Essential Guide

Build your DevRel dream team and project. Learn from success and failure stories.

Andreas Constantinou, Nicolas Sauvage & Caroline Lewko

This book, was the first of its kind when it first came out. Now, it has a third, richer edition. Written by leading developer marketing practitioners in some of today’s largest technology companies, this book collects insights from a generation of thought leaders within the tech industry, who share them with everyone working, or planning to work in the industry.