Organize your event like a boss

Turn that frown upside down, take the stress out of your events with our all-in-one event management platform.

It’s got smarts

We know that using spreadsheets and email for event planning is inefficient and error-prone. Voxgig can help you work smarter and save time by giving you the tools you need for organizing events. Discover great speakers, sponsors, and venues right at your fingertips.

Successful event planning on one platform

Analytics that will bring a smile

Team & speaker tools to keep you on top

Centralized messaging

So, you want to communicate a change in event details to your team? No problem! With our Messaging feature, create your own Group or Direct Messages channel and keep your team up to date with all the latest information.

We really create smiles

“As the founder of CommCon, a 5-day residential tech conference, I have to juggle multiple moving parts alongside running my software consultancy business. Using Voxgig’s platform I have saved hundreds of hours of work by streamlining the process of managing my speakers, organizing my event schedule and publishing the agenda on the event site. The system is very easy to use and provides an incredibly professional look and feel for the conference’s brand.”

Dan Jenkins, Founder CommCon Events Ltd.

"Using the Voxgig platform for managing our global series of annual events in some 100 nations allows us to greatly improve communication and collaboration for our ambassadors and standardise our branding when publishing events online. "

Simon Gibson, Founder - World Speech Day

There is a real need for a platform like Voxgig, it pulls all channels of communication into one place and has saved us much needed time, removing multiple pain points faced when we organize events, conferences, and meetups. Pre Voxgig – we used countless spreadsheets, emails, social media platforms, newsletter tools, one PM system, and many more complex processes. We are super excited to use a single platform making us more effective and our event management more efficient.

Reena Bhatt, Marketing Executive, Mortimer Spinks

Events everywhere, we got you baby!

We know you can have more than one event happening at the same time. With our Event Planner, manage multiple events simultaneously all from one place. Specify the type of event, add description, date, and venue as well as the option to make the event public or private.

Dynamic Agenda to your Website!

Building your agenda can be easily done with our Agenda builder that’s integrated with your website, meaning every time you make an update to your agenda, your website will be updated automatically, eliminating copy and paste errors and cutting out duplication of tasks, saving you precious time!

Talk proposals handled!

Talk Proposals and reviews are all part of an organizer’s day. It’s a multi-step process that needs to be carefully managed so we have created a really, great Proposal Dashboard that gives you visibility of all your proposal types, status, and reviews.

Vote for your Speakers…

Voxgig’s platform also lets you Prepare Speaker profiles, seamlessly manage the voting process and collaborate with your speakers and other stakeholders in the system. You can also filter by Talk or Workshop, we can provide you with all these capabilities and so much more - that’s why we think you’ll love it!

Get real oversight on your Budgets

Once your event is happening, you’ll want to track what you’re spending.
We know it can be a real pain trying to pull together expense and budget reports from so many different places… Our Budget and Expenses apps means no more running around, trying to pull reports together - YAY! Our Report Builder let’s you just sit back, put your feet up and let Voxgig do the work for you. Sound good?

Get Started today for FREE!

We are launching our Beta version soon and we would love you to be one of our first users. Whether you are a new or seasoned event organizer, it pays to add Voxgig to your team. Let’s connect. Start today by contacting the team for a chat and a demo.