Speakers get in front of the people that matter

With dedicated speaker profile pages, our unique searchable database allows event organisers connect with you!

Plan to succeed

Imagine being able to automate tasks that go hand-in-hand with your upcoming conference planning? So much time goes into planning, preparation, and coordination. Finding the right conferences and submitting proposals is not always easy. We know this only too well and we’re about to make your life easier.

Finding the right conferences and easily submitting proposals

Automating conference preparation and planning, and coordinating with colleagues

Measuring your effectiveness as a speaker, and measuring the conferences for audience quality

Get your time back!

Save time on manual tasks. Liaise with event organizers from just one place. See a conference you’d like to speak at but sick of trying to get noticed? We know it can be a real pain to submit talk proposals. With that in mind, we’ve created something extra special for you.

Show off your talents

Let the world know who you are and which conferences you’d like to talk at. Create your very own Profile page where you can add your bio, headshot, and social media handles. Or, if you’ve published a book and want your audience to know, shout out your achievements in our Books & Media space. After all, it’s you doing the talking!

Time waits for no Wo-man

No more trawling through emails, or spending hours making endless phone calls to find new gigs when your NEXT gig could be already sitting there in our database! How does having access to a huge database of conferences and events sound? With our Voxgig event search engine, log on to a whole new world of information with just ONE-click…

“I love speaking at tech events - it allows me to meet with the community and give back through sharing my knowledge and ideas. What I don’t like is the inefficiency and errors synonymous with managing my speaking engagements using spreadsheets and emails…by using Voxgig I can now manage my public profile, discover great events to speak at and collaborate with organizers all within the same platform. Meaning I can do more of what I love!”

Richard Rodger, CEO Voxgig, and Microservices Author and Conference Speaker.

Where in the world?

Plot your global schedule for the year ahead. Avoid date clashes. Have greater control and visibility. Our built-in Planning app allows you to easily plan your talks in advance and make sure you know where you should be and when. Easy-peasy.

Want to chat with Organizers

Talk to the event team from just one place and stay up to date with all the latest logistics around the event. As a speaker, it can be hard to stay on top of everything. Be even more awesome with our Group and Direct Messaging feature, which means you can check in with event organizers, and talk to everyone each step of the way. No need to keep sending out endless emails or missing an important one!


Manage your CFP submissions in our all-in-one platform. Sometimes submitting talk proposals can be a real drag. Now you can easily submit, manage and track your proposals using the Voxgig platform. No need to jump from one system to the other. Saves you time and keeps you zen!