Sponsors, take a look at what we got...

Manage your event sponsorships like a pro!

All the tools you need

When it comes to managing your sponsorship agreements, we’ve got your back. From searching for great tech events to sponsor to tracking your budgets, expenses and measuring social engagements - Voxgig has all the tools.

Optimize your sponsorship budget through targeted, powerful event search

Measure sponsorship success through social media reporting

See ROI through budget and expenses tracking and reporting

Tracking social media engagement just got a whole lot easier.

Are you juggling multiple event sponsorships but struggling to keep track of which ones are doing well for your brand? No problem! With Voxgig’s powerful social media tracking tools, you can have a live snapshot of engagement and at the click of a button, easily download reports and infographics to share with your team.

Take the headache out of tracking budgets and costs

Never miss another Tweet or ‘Like’. Show off to your team! Measure the success of your exhibit with our Social Media Reporting tools. Check out the buzz around your event, track Twitter follower increases and number of Tweets. Voxgig helps you collect and collate data then show off just how much of an impression your exhibit made. At Voxgig, we have your back!

Pinpoint the best tech events for your brand.

You know there are tons of amazing tech events out there that could make the world of difference to your brand. Trouble is, how to find them. Voxgig’s powerful, accurate search engine allows you to discover events that match your objectives and see who is speaking and sponsoring to help you decide if it’s a good fit. And not only that! Add your brand to the Voxgig search engine, making you even more discoverable to event organizers - get matched with the right events to sponsor.

What else is under the hood?

Voxgig gives you lots of other tools to make your life as a busy event sponsor as stress-free as possible, such as:

An easy-to-use Event Planner to manage your sponsorships and collaborate with your team all in one place
Manage your public profile and logos on the Voxgig platform and make it easier to share with organizers of the events you are sponsoring
In-platform messaging so you can contact your team and share ideas without having to go elsewhere
Have a speaking slot as part of your sponsorship? Keep track of your team’s sponsored speaking engagements and manage their profiles and talks to optimize the opportunity
Keep in touch when your team is traveling to events (to exhibit or speak) via the Voxgig mobile app so everyone is in the right place, at the right time and are up to speed with the latest details.

“Managing multiple event sponsorships over multiple timezones and teams can be complicated and lead to errors. The Voxgig platform allows you to take control, leading to massive efficiency gains.”

Natalie Gray, Voxgig