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Andrew Vorster

In this week's episode, Richard and Andrew chat about how storytelling is the backbone of public speaking.

In this podcast, Richard enjoyed a highly stimulating, thought provoking and honest chat with Andrew Vorster. Andrew is a thought leader and innovation catalyst, and a full-time professional public speaker. Andrew grew up on a farm in South Africa and immersed in African storytelling traditions from an early age. As a young child, he was gifted with the honorary title of storyteller by his local Zulu community.

Andrew tells aspiring speakers to have fun and ditch the script. That’s what he did, when he was crippled with nerves at the thought of speaking to huge audiences. His mentor gave him a valuable nugget of advice – the audience doesn’t know what you’re supposed to be saying. just relax and concentrate on saying the things you know need to be said. So, just relax and say what needs to be said.

Value was the central theme of this fireside chat – giving value to audiences and knowing your value as a speaker. To give value to your audience, you must first know who we are. Andrew gets to know his audience using avatars, and delivers takeaways that will add value for them. Andrew advises aspiring speakers to stay away from conferences that ask you to pay for the privilege of speaking at them.

Learn about Andrew Vorster here.

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