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Anna Jordan

In this weeks episode, Orla and Anna discuss the spoken word and its roots in public speaking.

In this episode, host Orla Shanaghy chats to Anna Jordan, founder of ModwordsFest, Ireland’s first open mic festival for spoken word artists. Anna is also a freelance festival programmer, playwright, creative writing facilitator and publican. Anna tells Orla how growing up as a budding writer in a small city prompted her to set up her own creative writing groups and direct her own plays. She describes how, over the course of her career so far, she has become a public speaker almost by default. Orla also gets Anna to tell us about how she became an evangelist for spoken word on the national level in Ireland, to the point where she founded and runs an entire festival every year for spoken word artists. Anna and Orla also chat about growing up in an Irish pub, the role of the bar owner, and how the Irish pub, both at home and around the world, has become a mecca for the spoken word in all its forms.

Learn more about Anna here.

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