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Gina London

In this weeks episode, Richard and Gina discuss the perfect formula for communicating with your audience.

Gina London has made communication the cornerstone of her career. She spent 20 years as a top TV correspondent with CNN and regularly reported live from the White House. Now she runs The Language of Leadership, a company which trains Fortune 500 CEOs and other business leaders to become brilliant communicators.

Gina told Richard how she borrows from the world of magic to grab the attention of her audience. She thinks of her audience at every stage of her talk preparations and shows you how to factor them into your own preparations. Gina also revealed her magic formula for preparing talks: strategy, structure and deliver.

Gina is a powerful and dynamic speaker, but she’s anxious to reassure wannabe speakers that they don’t have to be brilliant speakers from the get-go. You learn how to be a great speaker little by little, by paying attention to how we communicate with people every day. You can then bring the skills you learn during those small human interactions onto a bigger stage.

Learn about Gina London here.

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