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Voxgig works very much like Wikipedia, in that everybody contributes what they know. If you would like to submit conference or speaker data to our system please click below.
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Write for Us

Each week voxgig publishes a newsletter for tech speakers.

The aim of the newsletter is to help speakers improve their talks. It includes strategies for giving engaging presentations and tips from public speaking and performance experts. Previous issues have included body language coaching, preparation, oration and planning tactics.

If you are a teacher, a talker, a wordsmith or performer, and would like to share your knowledge please do get in touch.

If you can help our audience give better talks then we would love to hear from you.
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Open Source Projects

Voxgig is currently working on a number of open source projects.
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Work for Us

Voxgig embraces a particular way of working. Please read about our values below before you get in touch.

Our company ethos is based on these core values:

Remote working. At the time of writing, voxgig people are based in Ireland, the UK, Spain and China. As more people join our team, the list of locations will grow. Most of our communication and collaboration is done online and by phone. We have regular real-world meetings, but if someone can't be there in person - be that because they are in another country or because they need to be home - they use Skype and WebEx to join in. Or they don't join in and catch up later via the meeting minutes.

Flexible work time. Most people wear multiple hats with multiple demands on their time. Our least favorite word is 'presenteeism'. Our people are trusted to manage their own work time and to complete work at times that suit them.

Neurodiversity. Diversity is great - both the visible and invisible kinds. We value all types of minds. This is largely for selfish reasons: we want our people to feel comfortable bringing all aspects of their personalities and abilities to work, because we want to get their best work out of them. Got autism or ADHD? Mental health issues? Can't drive? Need silence to work? We know that these and other factors don't stop you making a valuable contribution.

Openness. We want our people to feel comfortable being open about their abilities and limitations, to the degree that they choose. We use the 'playbook' concept, which enables each worker to internally document and communicate their personal work preferences, strengths and challenges.

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