Need Help With Developer Relations?

Voxgig has the tools, experience and expertise to help you maximise your Developer Relations activity. Developer Relations is a recognised approach to maximising the effectiveness and sustainability of your tech efforts. With our proven tools for developer advocates and conference organisers, Voxgig can help you get the most out of your knowledge, time and audience no matter the size of your organisation.

To this, we have added professional services and software consultancy to our portfolio. Working with international clients in sectors such as banking and pharmaceutical, we provide support to business owners and managers in a trusted and transparent manner, contributing our software development capability as and how required.

Launching Developer Relations?

We know how to do Developer Relations. We can help you put together a plan to make it happen, find the right people, and measure outcomes to demonstrate results. We know to build a credible developer brand that can help you hire developers, and sell to developers.
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Running Developer Relations?

We have the tools you need to make your Developer Relations work. Integrate with the online communities, tie it all back to your CRM and HR systems, and keep your content calendar, events, sponsorships, and speaker appearances focused and effective.
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Building Developer Relations?

Do you know how to succeed at Developer Relations? We do, and we've put together a comprehensive and continuously updated directory of online resources to help you succeed. It's all open and free to use, just like the best Open Source.
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