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Voxgig is a smart platform designed to solve the many challenges around organizing Tech conferences, including dedicated event website, agenda builder, speaker management, budget control, event planning, communications, lead gen and more

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Spend more time doing what you love - sharing your passion and innovation with the community. Voxgig will help you build your profile, get more discoverable for gigs, manage your talk submissions and plan your schedule all within our superbly simple platform.


Too many tabs open? Too many emails? The most complicated spreadsheets ever created? We are here to save you! Use Voxgig to easily manage your talk submissions, agenda, speakers, event website, reports and more. Engage with your attendees, keep connected via mobile. Work smarter and more collaboratively.

“There is a real need for a platform like Voxgig, it pulls all channels of communication into one place and has saved us much needed time, removing multiple pain points faced when we organize events, conferences, and meetups. Pre Voxgig – we used countless spreadsheets, emails, social media platforms, newsletter tools, one PM system, and many more complex processes. We are super excited to use a single platform making us more effective and our event management more efficient.”

Reena Bhatt, Marketing Executive, Mortimer Spinks

“Having the capacity for our team to manage our event agenda’s on one platform that also updates dynamically to our website has been a godsend. For UXDX it gives us time back and allows us to be always on top. It brings our event management to another level”

Catherine Madden Founder UXDX

"As the founder of CommCon, a 5-day residential tech conference, I have to juggle multiple moving parts alongside running my software consultancy business. Using Voxgig’s platform I have saved hundreds of hours of work by streamlining the process of managing my speakers, organizing my event schedule and publishing the agenda on the event site. The system is very easy to use and provides an incredibly professional look and feel for the conference’s brand”

Dan Jenkins, Founder CommCon Events Ltd.


With Voxgig for Exhibitors, you can manage your budgets and expenses, track sales leads, measure social engagement and streamline your logistics all in one place. Our mobile app has been designed to help you manage your exhibiting team on the go to drive better interaction at the booth and during social sessions.


Measure event ROI, connect with the organizers, manage your sponsor profile and search for great events to fit your brand. With Voxgig you can drive your engagement and event success at the click of a button.