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In each episode of Fireside with Voxgig, our presenters Richard Rodger and Orla Shanaghy interview a selection of people in the public speaking community. Each episode reveals secrets of the craft, provides new perspectives, serves as a platform for fascinating personal stories, and gleans practical tips and advice that you can implement straight away in your own public speaking.

NEW Episode 29 - Emily Ross

We loved chatting to Emily Ross, founder of Inkvine Consulting, entrepreneur and public speaker. Emily has never been afraid to play with fire, find out how she as applied her fearless nature to public speaking, life, and projects!

Episode 26 - Anna Jordan

In this episode, Orla chats to Anna Jordan, founder of ModwordsFest, Ireland’s first open mic festival for spoken word artists. Anna is also a freelance festival programmer, playwright, creative writing facilitator, and publican!

Episode 28 - Andrew Vorster

With a grounding in African storytelling culture, Andrew chats to Richard about how storytelling is the backbone of public speaking.

Episode 27 - Gina London

CNN, Fortune 500 communications specialist, Gina London is a powerful and dynamic speaker. In this weeks episode, Richard and Gina discuss the perfect formula for communicating with your audience.

Episode 25 - Andrew Macadam

Throughout Andrews diverse roles he has experienced a lot of public speaking. He discusses with Richard that terrible moment most public speakers encounter when their minds go completely blank! We have all been there.

Episode 24 - Neil O’Brien

Neil is the founder of the company Time to Fly and is currently one of Ireland’s most sought after professional conference speakers and life coaches. He discusses how he loves to make a game out of all of his speeches and how inserting humor into speeches is a definite must.

“This podcast is always a joy to listen to - I learn something new every time! Richard is a great interviewer and the team at Voxgig have their finger on the pulse of all things Event related. It’s a must for anyone in the business of speaking. Keep them coming Voxgig!”

Emily Ross, Speaker, Founder of Inkvine Consulting, SXSW Pitch Advisory Board

Episode 23 - Kwame Nyanning

Kwame tells Richard about his interesting start in public speaking, which involved him on stage doing hip hop! They discuss how incredible it feels when you actually succeed at a talk—and how, unfortunately, you can always bomb, even when you are well established in your speaking career.

Episode 22 - Mary Carty

Richard speaks with Mary Carty, co-founder of the ground-breaking Outbox Incubator and a professional keynote speaker. Mary’s mother sparked her public speaking career by encouraging her to speak in church every Sunday, hear how this fostered her self-confidence.

Episode 21 - Pat Dwyer

Richard interviews Pat Dwyer and discusses his fascinating career transition from improv comedian to professional keynote speaker. Pat now works with organizations to show them how laughter and comedy can improve a company’s profit, culture and daily interactions.

Episode 20 - Natalia Wiechowski

In this episode, Natalia talks to Richard about how she found her quirky speaking style, she delves into her worst public speaking experience, which involved an unbelievably small audience and ants!

Episode 19 - Oisin Lunny

Oisín talks to Richard about how his early PR career led him to public speaking and his ‘aha moment’, when he realized that speaking with authenticity and passion can make even a seemingly insignificant speech great.

Episode 19 - Danielle Brown

Danielle talks to Richard about how to deal with your mind going completely blank in the middle of a talk. She draws a connection between the adrenaline you experience in elite sports and in public speaking.

Episode 17 - Furkan Karayel

Furkan tells Richard how her interest in public speaking started as a child with her love of poetry in her home town in Turkey. She also gives five encouraging points for budding speakers who speak English as a second language.

Episode 16 - Kevlin Henney

Kevlin tells Richard how he started his career as a software developer and quickly made the transition into public speaking. He explains the struggles he went through trying to figure out his unique speaking style, which he did without any guidance.

Episode 16 - Jim “Flash” Gordon

Flash is full of wisdom about public speaking. A trick of his is to pretend that whoever you are talking to is your best friend. Helping you to feel more comfortable. He also advises that speakers must always make sure to know the ins and outs of what they are speaking about.

Episode 14 - Florin Cardasim

Florin and Richard discuss Florin’s trial-and-error style of speaking. Using this style taught him the importance of understanding the audience, and that it is important to speak regularly so that you do not end up back at square one: afraid of speaking.

Episode 14 - Dov Baron

Dov describes his first speaking experience, which was comical and moving, yet surprisingly successful. He also explains that although it is important to be practised and rehearsed as a speaker, it is dangerous to lean on this too much.

Episode 12 - Karina Ochis

Karina has conducted the majority of her speaking career in English. She delves into the difficulty of transitioning between English and her native Romanian. She also tells us how important it is for speakers to incorporate different cultural norms into their talks, based on different audiences.

Episode 11 - Doug Thompson

Doug tells Richard why he finds it important to know your own personality in order to become truly comfortable with speaking in public. He goes into why he uses improvisation in his talks.

Episode 10 - Andreea Wade

Andreea relates how she had a panic attack during her first public speaking experience. She tells us that she still experiences stage fright but it reminds her that she cares. Andreea is an event organizer and public speaker—an unusual combination—with many different passions.

Episode 9 - Oscar Santolalla

In this episode, Oscar explains how Toastmasters changed his life by allowing him to practice his public speaking in English and to experiment with different topics to engaged audiences that gave honest feedback.

Episode 8 - Tanya Butenko

In this episode, Richard speaks to Tanya Butenko, founder of NodeGirls, an organization for women and other gender minorities in the tech world. She emphasizes the importance as a speaker of picking conferences that chime with your personal ethical values

Episode 7 - Dylan Schiemann

Dylan Schiemann is a professional conference speaker and the founder of Dojo Toolkit. He is one of those lucky human beings who does not get nervous before talks! He attributes this confidence to his early speaking experiences, which he tells us about in this episode.

Episode 6 - Vicky Lee

Vicky Lee is a self-described ‘Pythonista’. She’s a software engineer and community organizer who began organizing events in order to bring people together and create a sense of community.

Episode 5 - Karl Hyden

Karl Hyden, a mental toughness coach for the professional introvert and self-touted Texan from Western Ireland, explains why. He has mastered the art of overcoming the personality barriers that can keep us from the success he believes we all deserve.

Episode 4 - Pauline Kwasniak

For the past several years, Pauline Kwasniak has been diligently working to establish herself in the events organization industry. She has recently started a tough, fascinating trip into the event organizers’ public speaking sphere.

Episode 3 - Simon Gibson

Every great speaker needs a great speech. In this episode, Richard speaks with Simon Gibson, high-profile speechwriter and founder of World Speech Day. You will hear about how Simon transitioned from being a scriptwriter to a speechwriter.

Episode 2 - Andrew Grill

Andrew Grill calls himself a ‘practical futurist’. He is a professional writer, blogger and conference speaker—which means he gets paid to talk. And he wants to help you do the same. You’ll learn why the first 90 seconds of a talk are vital.

Episode 1 - Debbie Forster

Debbie gives us her insights into why it’s important to always bring yourself into your performance, and how to deal with and learn from negative speaking experiences. She goes through an interesting history of diversity (or lack of it) in tech.

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Dan Jenkins, Founder CommCon Events Ltd.

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