Building Strong Developer Communities, Fostering Success


Community Engagement

We have the expertise and experience to help your business succeed in the developer community. Our team of experts knows what it takes to build strong developer relationships and drive results for your company. Let us help you launch and grow your developer relations strategy. Together, we can make a big impact in the world of tech.

Build Your Own Communities

Start to build your own communities. Work from the ground up by establishing meetups, podcasts, and open source projects, before graduating to full-scale conferences. We walked this walk many times, and we can show you the ropes.

Community Mentorship

Avoid alienating your growing membership with clumsy pitch presentations, learn and embrace the new rules of diversity and inclusion, and create something with self-sustaining high energy.

Work With Established Communities

Identify the key established communities where you need to participate and become a valued supporter. We keep the best database of developer communities to help you choose where to focus effort and budget.

Support Respected Foundations

Build trust and respect by engaging with industry foundations, standards groups, and academia. We’ll walk you through the polite and genuine way to do this so you don’t damage your reputation–every group is different.

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Grow Your Own Leaders

You’ll need to nurture internal technology leaders, and you’ll need to hire established ones that already have an audience. These are your Developer Advocates. There is no greater way to build trust than having respected and experienced developers singing your praises. We can help you find the best ones out there, and we can help train your best developers in public speaking (we have a network of 50+ coaches), get them accepted to speak at conferences, and help them create talked-about presentations.


Grow Your Developer Audience

Where should your star developers speak? Which conferences, meetups and podcasts? Should they live-code? Contribute to Open Source? What about community websites? We have a comprehensive database of community venues and can match them to your community outreach goals and budget.

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Define Your Developer Brand

Craft the right developer brand, and take the right actions to make it trustworthy. Developers are not plug-and-play, and you have to show that you understand this fundamental fact of deep engineering work. You’ll attract the best in your line of business by aligning your overall mission with the engineering focus that you choose. How do you know you have a problem? Your job ads could be for any company. We can make you unique.

Content Delivery

Lets talk about your content strategy. We can analyze your current content strategy and give you the insights to grow your community.

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Make Your Content Calendar Work

You’ll need to operate a content production calendar, creating both long-lasting evergreen content, and up-to-the-minute micro content. Without the right process, and the right buy-in, this is almost impossible. Developers are busy, and their managers are protective. Nobody can afford to spend a day writing a blog post, right? By creating and enabling Developer Advocate roles within your company, you can solve this chicken-and-egg problem. Once content becomes king, you’ll have managers demanding airtime for their developers.

Get Invited To The Right Places

There’s a big media world out there. And it’s desperate for high quality guests! We can help you identify the best blogs, podcasts, channels, and events to send your developers on as technical expert guests (and yes, we have that database). Guesting is the most time and cost effective method to build your developer-friendly brand.

Understand Your Audience And Target Your Content

You’re not a publishing company, but you’ll need to act like one. Spray-and-pray content does not work. You’ll need to track and measure what works and what doesn’t. We’ll show you how to do this operationally. Targeted content is a force-multiplier.

Developer Experience

Make Great Documentation Your Secret Weapon

Developers inside your company, and developers outside your company, will both love you for publishing great documentation. Creating, refining, and updating documentation, making it interactive, and using it to build community and support Developer Relations, are all possible with the right process and tooling. We’ll show you how to get documentation under control, and reap compounding rewards.

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Developer Experience

Let Your Developer Experience Shine

You talk the talk but do you walk the walk? If your internal developer experience does not match all of your great content, word will spread. Instead of a virtuous circle of hiring recommendations and referrals, you end up with attrition and turnover. It’s not about ping pong tables and free beer.

It’s about understanding what developers need to be productive. Almost nobody gets this one right, but you can really move the needle (at low cost!) if you can provide the right environment for developers to thrive. There is no silver bullet, this is all about the details. We can show you what to do.

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Developer Experience

Let Your Developers Grow

Do your developers have a well-defined career pathway in your company? Or do they have to leave to get a promotion and a raise? Failing to provide a structured path to advancement along multiple avenues of growth is the number one mistake that companies make.

We’ve studied the best approaches to defining a software development career, and we can help you structure this within your own organization. Doing so will keep your developers motivated and engaged with your company.

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