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Adam Christian
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Ah, documentation! Imagine a Readme where the samples you run actually work?

Runable commands should become runbale – out of the box with Runme. It’s not magic, it’s the passion of Adam Christian and his team at Stateful to address the epidemic of non-maintained documentations. Richard and Adam discuss the ideal customer and target market for this Readme Ops product. Open Source projects and larger enterprises are ideal, but really there is a need for this in many, many scenarios. So what’s their DevRel strategy?

“Documentation should be treated the way your code is, or even better!” A new mantra. Adam learned at Sauce the value of talking to developers, so the community aspect is a huge priority for the team, knowing how important a passionate, contributing community is to a successful product. Again, the use of devrel as a way to inform product refinement is a theme here.

We’re here for that.

The mechanics of the devrel for Adam and Stateful is currently being refined. Adam is open that his default is conferences and meetingdevelopers, but this is moving towards more scheduled blogs and direct communications. It’s always so useful to hear from technical entrepreneurs when they have learned from their user feedback and go from strength to strength through a pivot. Great insights and calmness from Adam while open progress as a startup.

This is a great conversation with pure tech, real devrel tactics and startup lessons.

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