Fireside with Voxgig for Professional Speakers

Alex Lakatos

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Alex Lakatos
Podcast Host
Richard Roger
Voxgig Founder
Podcast Guest
Alex Lakatos

A two-for-one deal here! A tutorial on how international and card payments work. And then DevRel discussion on APIs and SDKs involved with Open Source projects and bringing in contributors and building the community. The power of Open Source communities as an incredible recruitment channel. Richard also challenges Alex to detail his journey in DevRel, from Mozilla onwards, building DevRel functions and the tools, and the team from four to 42! Wow!

Alex and his team learned by doing.

So then he arrived back at the beginning again, but now with a system! Alex uses metrics, but his awareness that the role has so much that must be done, he has taken a company wide approach, bringing in a developer relations culture company wide. This is ultimate holistic approach.  

Finally, a discussion on the long, long cycle Interledger has to go through with clients, and how they can actually become their own set of committed community.

Alex is passionate and committed to Interledger’s mission and it was great to welcome him and Interledger as the first non-profit guests on the podcast.

Check out Alex on his LinkedIn.

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