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Andrew MacLean

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Andrew MacLean
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Richard Roger
Voxgig Founder
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Andrew MacLean
Developer Relations Manager at DevCycle

Fireside with Voxgig is back! A new year means new opportunities to speak with amazing people and share their insights with you, our audience. This episode’s guest is Andrew MacLean. Andrew is the developer relations manager at DevCycle, a feature flag management platform for developers.

If you’ve never heard of feature flag management, that’s probably because it’s a relatively new space, despite feature flags having been around forever. If you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of feature flags, one of their main benefits is allowing you to update your platform without having to deploy so many versions that you lose the ability to maintain quality. As with many of the people we feature on Fireside, this service could have been a game changer in some of the startups Richard has worked on over the years.

Andrew dives into the history of feature flags, and what launched them into the mainstream. From Github devs, to articles, to implementation by major SaaS companies, word of mouth popularisation has made feature flags the staple they now are. Andrew also gives us some insight into his history. It’s a typical DevRel story, of falling into the industry somewhat by accident, but in Andrew’s case his starting point was studying for a career in forensic science. With a background almost as interesting as the work he does now, Andrew makes for a fascinating interviewee.

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