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Anna Redbond

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Anna Redbond
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Richard Roger
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Anna Redbond
CMO af Flagsmith

Have you ever wondered what marketing people think of developers? As it turns out, it’s very positive, at least according to Anna Redbond, CMO of Flagsmith. Anna joins us to talk about the world of marketing in a technical space. As someone who works with words, how does she market towards people who work with numbers? Anna and Flagsmith find ways to bridge the divide with their work helping companies eliminate risk and increase efficiency in their development process.

The first thing to say about Flagsmith is that it's obvious they know how to market. Just have a look at their website. Jargon-free, easy to follow, and clear about what they offer. This is Anna's magic recipe when it comes to developer-first marketing.

Speak to people in the language that they themselves use: this may seem obvious, but it’s a key factor in how Anna delivers marketing to coders as someone who’s not from a technical background. She speaks about how she draws inspiration from the very conversations she has with developers about what they do. The reason for this? It’s the simple truth that no-one wants a stack of flashy adverts dropped in their inbox - spam folders were invented for a reason!

So Flagsmith avoids speaking down to developers, instead it simply gets on their level. It’s a thin line to walk. Avoid jargon, but don’t simplify your language to the point of vagueness. Be specific, but keep things accessible to someone just glancing at your materials. If you’ve ever seen an advert or a piece of marketing that made you physically cringe, you’ll know that it’s a challenging task.

Lastly, Richard broaches that awkward preconceived notion held by us all; if a product is good, I’ll hear about it! Why does it even need marketing? Well Anna has the perfect response to that idea - it keeps a fire lit under her.

At the end of the day, Anna believes marketing is just about talking to another human being. We were certainly glad she spoke to us.

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