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Bill Doerrfeld

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Bill Doerrfeld
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Richard Roger
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Bill Doerrfeld
Editor In Chief At Nordic APIs

We've probably all heard of urban sprawl, right? The phenomenon where a city expands further and further into the surrounding areas until the final product becomes one that is impossible to control and monitor. Well this episode’s guest, Bill Doerrfeld is here to tell us about how the same principle affects APIs in the aptly named arrival of “API sprawl”.

Bill is the editor in chief of Nordic APIs, a series of resources that help disseminate thought leadership on APIs. He's also a freelance tech journalist whose work on all things API has been published with amongst many others.

Bill has a wide view of tech and is frequently more up to date on his knowledge than many top developers, which makes sense as that's pretty much included in the job description of being a tech journalist. He goes into how he ended up in this position, from studying English, to realising that the tech world would be a gold mine for a young writer to tackle.

So what is API sprawl? For one, it's the thing Bill has written most extensively about, and he defines it as the thing that happens when companies and individuals have so many APIs under their belts that the ability to maintain quality, or even keep track of them all is greatly reduced.

This is a fascinating subject, and Bill goes into great detail on it, as well as AI, and all the things working developers should know about.

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