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Caelen King

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Caelen King
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Caelen King
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In this episode, I talk to Caelen King about how non-technical founders can find developers, build their MVP and then scale that MVP.

Caelen is an angel and startup adviser, and a founder. His previous startup,, was an online marketplace for health services, and as he'll tell you himself in this podcast, that is probably one of the most difficult types of business models to make work. We learn from Caelen how to manage the development of your technology when you are a non-technical founder.

There are two key lessons that come from this podcast, the first being don't build anything, and the second being that an early-stage startup should think about its positioning with respect to hiring software developers - in the same way that it should think about its positioning when it comes to product. As a startup, you are always selling. The most effective way to sell is to sell to a niche.

Learn more about Caelen King here.

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