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Chad Whitacre

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Chad Whitacre
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Richard Roger
Voxgig Founder
Podcast Guest
Chad Whitacre
Head of open Source at Sentry

Today, we’re chatting with the head of Open Source at Sentry, Chad Whitacre. Everyone knows that once a startup begins to make the move from garage band to stadium tour, they’re going to need some investors. But how do we bridge the gap between them?

Chad’s background as a developer has undoubtedly contributed to his talent for communicating with developers in his current role. But beyond that, he and the whole Sentry team have slightly bigger ambitions in mind for the future.

They have begun work on something they call the Open Source Pledge, and Chad breaks down for us exactly what this entails, and how it will incentivise organisations to prioritise contributing to the open source community in the same way they prioritise profits.

He also takes us through the history of Sentry, and how their roots in the open source community have cemented their commitment to ensuring its continued survival. If you’re passionate about open source, and seeing maintainers get their dues, then you’ll want to hear this.

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