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Charlie Robbins

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Charlie Robbins
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Charlie Robbins
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We’re taking a deep dive into the history of Node with this episode’s guest, Charlie Robbins. Charlie isn't just a greatly experienced engineer, who now lends his advice and consultancy skills to others - he was also one of the earliest adopters of Node, and is uniquely placed to give us a lesson not just in history, but also in the unique factors that gave Node the dominance it now holds.

So how did Node take over the world? Well unlike movie supervillains, it wasn’t with a ray gun or a mind control serum, it was by being really good at what they did in the face of competitors asleep at the wheel, a natural selection process to which Charlie had a front row seat.

Charlie went into financial services in the wake of the financial crash, when most people had either been pushed or jumped off that ship, but because of his knowledge of a brand new service called Node, he ended up working with people ten years his senior to figure out this new frontier.

Charlie speaks about the conflation of jobs like accountants with engineers. People tend to think engineering is purely a numbers game, but as many will tell you, engineers are often brimming with creativity, and the variable is whether or not their boss will let them express it.

This is a great discussion on how small actions can lead to big waves.

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