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Chris O'Neill

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Chris O'Neill
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Richard Roger
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Chris O'Neill
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Richard was delighted to talk to Chris O’Neill, the first Developer Advocate at Stytch for this week’s Fireside with Voxgig podcast. Why? Well, recently Richard and the team at Voxgig had the very great pleasure of using Stytch – and it worked a dream. So to be able to share a practical discussion about DevRel after experiencing the DevRel and the product first hand was rewarding. But apart from the product, this discussion gives a three step playbook on how to succeed as a developer advocate. … and the developers you’ll meet in Heaven!

Meanwhile back on earth, this is another open and honest conversation with an experienced DevRel professional giving both the technical details of a product and the strategic actions that contribute to successful DevRel and developer advocacy. Dive in and thrive!

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