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Christina Monti

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Christina Monti
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Richard Roger
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Christina Monti
Senior Technical Product Manager at PayPal

On this episode, we’re joined by developer advocate Christina Monti. Christina is the senior technical product manager for PayPal, and she brings us not just her expertise, but also an insight into why she chooses to centre empathy in her work with developers.

Christina joins our list of guests from a slightly unconventional background. Christina came to DevRel through a career in finance, and she’s quickly become one to watch. Speaking on the topic of DevRel careers, she has three words: just do it. You don’t need permission to start working as a DevRel - and that work may look very different from person to person.

Part of Christina’s job is empowering developers to take steps into creating educational content through potentially unfamiliar mediums, and as you can imagine, this role requires a lot of patience and empathy. Luckily, empathy happens to be one of Christina’s top priorities, and she dives into exactly why this value has served her so well.

Lastly, she goes into the importance of believing in the projects as you work on, and how this is equally as true for developers as it is for DevRels. She feels that when most of the developers working on a product freely admit that they wouldn’t use the product themselves, you’ve got a big problem - and a lot of work to do.

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