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Courtney Stanley

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Courtney Stanley
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Richard Roger
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Courtney Stanley
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Courtney Stanley, a keynote speaker, MC and meeting planner, talks about why it’s important for virtual event organisers to offer people an authentic live experience online.

Courtney Stanley has a background as an event planner and she specialises in the technology and marketing behind successful events. She’s now also known as a keynote speaker and MC. In her Fireside Chat with Richard, she talks about taking a strategic approach to speaking and event management and about the future shape of digital events. She encourages event organisers to leave the comfort zone of Zoom, and explore platforms that allow them to offer people an authentic live and interactive experience online.

Courtney Stanley is all over social media. You'll find her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, on her website, and on the #OUTSPOKEN Facebook group.

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