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David Biesack

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David Biesack
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Richard Roger
Voxgig Founder
Podcast Guest
David Biesack
Chief API Officer at Apiture

If you enjoyed the lengthy API discussion last week, then this episode will be no different. We’re speaking to David Biesack, Chief API Officer at Apiture, where they’re using efficient solutions to hold together a network of their banking APIs for a variety of financial institutions.

As you can imagine, nearly a hundred customers will have hugely varying needs. So how do David and the Apiture team do it? David explains their system of avoiding versioning, by constantly thinking about which features will always be timeless. It’s due to this attention to detail that Apiture has avoided the classic pitfall of “API sprawl”, something we went into earlier this week on the podcast.

If there’s one thing to know about David, it’s that he is a lover of documentation, and perhaps unsurprisingly, this love generates from the many times he’s been assigned to tasks with documentation that, quite frankly, sucks. So it’s become a passion of his, to not just write things down in a meaningful way, but also to get people in a room, and answer questions in a judgement free way.

We think the success of Apiture speaks to the immense value of this practice.

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