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David Cramer

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David Cramer
Podcast Host
Richard Roger
Voxgig Founder
Podcast Guest
David Cramer
Co-Founder and CTO of Sentry

We’re fortunate on the Fireside podcast to be able to speak to so many people at the top of their game, and this week's guest is no different. David Cramer is the Co-Founder and CTO of Sentry, the app monitoring platform designed to quickly help developers get to the root of code problems. David has helped bring Sentry to the top of the pile in this category - to the extent where, in his words, they don’t have competitors, they have “ankle-biters”. But does “heavy is the head that wears the crown” have any bearing for a company at the top? We’re excited to find out.David has worn many hats at Sentry since its founding, but as a software engineer at heart, he’s currently taking up the position of CTO. He dives into how strategy helped set Sentry apart in the early days, and how they manufactured the way they wanted the business to run, as opposed to simply responding to hurdles as they came up.The Sentry team, ultimately, is made up of developers, and David explains how this fact has led to the creation of a platform that is highly developer focused, in both user experience and in sales.He tells us about how yearly price hikes are not something Sentry wants to engage in, and how valuing affordability has allowed them to skyrocket in popularity since their first launch. Community is at the forefront of David’s current plans for Sentry, and he talks us through this, and other aspects of what he hopes to achieve with the company the future.Reach out to David here: out Sentry here: out more and listen to previous podcasts here: to our newsletter for weekly updates and information about upcoming meetups:

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