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David Tuite

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David Tuite
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Richard Roger
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David Tuite
Founder of Roadie

We all have that one piece of information that is absolutely key to us doing our jobs. Yet for many of us, accessing this piece of information involves manually searching a keyword in either your email or a slack channel to find the one message from 2 years ago where it was mentioned. Today’s guest is here to let us know that there actually might be a slightly better way of internally relaying information.

David Tuite is the Founder of Roadie, a Backstage based hosting and services platform that helps developers in large organisations answer basic questions about the software being used within the teams around them.David’s inspiration with Roadie is clear, as he himself had the experience of working within a large company, and struggling to explain what the teams around him were doing.

According to David, many companies - even those with hundreds of employees, are still using ever-inflating spreadsheets to pass information internally. This imperfect system inevitably leads to hours of time slack-scrolling, attempting to figure what the hell any of it means.

But as it turns out, David discovered that if you make it really easy for your software engineers to write code, they’ll write a lot more code! Additionally, he takes us through the history of Backstage, and its journey from internal service to open source.

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