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Christos Gkoros (repeat)

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Christos Gkoros (repeat)
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Richard Roger
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Christos Gkoros (repeat)
API Designer at Postman

Who said building robust, production grade APIs had to be hard? As we hope for all technology, the creation and design of APIs has only become easier and more accessible over time. This is due in part to today’s wonderful guest, Christos Gkoros, and his work at Postman as an API designer.

Christos comes from a software engineering background and he speaks to us about his journey to his current role. As it turns out, API Designer isn’t just his job description, it’s his job title, something he acknowledges as slightly unusual. What it means is that his major focus is applying a streamlined process when it comes to API design, and conducting user research that can be applied in real time.

Postman is an API platform that helps its users to create, test and use APIs, and as a frequent user of Postman’s services, Christos jumped at the opportunity to join their team. He breaks down how they support developers at all stages of the API life cycle, from conception to design, to testing.

Christos takes us through some common API pitfalls, both in design and other areas of creation. Namely, the murky territory of competing versions of SDKs, and the chaos that can ensue when trying to get them to cooperate with your shiny new API. To top it off, Christos discusses his role as organiser of the API Athens Meetup, proving that, on this podcast, DevRel is never too far away.

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