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Jack Bridger

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Jack Bridger
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Richard Roger
Voxgig Founder
Podcast Guest
Jack Bridger
Host of Scaling DevTools

If there’s one thing to take away from this episode of Fireside, it’s this: do the scary thing. The proponent of this message is none other than Jack Bridger, fellow podcast host of ‘Scaling Devtools’. This is a great one for anyone thinking of getting into podcasting, whether independently or under a company umbrella!

Jack’s background is in sales, and he takes us through how this has influenced his current DevRel practice- you don’t need to be a business whiz to be a great DevRel, but it helps to have a little bit of hustle in your blood.

According to Jack, all successful founders have something in common - they did the scary thing. They went through with actions that weren’t guaranteed to succeed. This is what separates them from those who play it safe, and this is something that Jack admits he still struggles with, as I’m sure, do all of us.

One of those scary things that we will all eventually find ourselves facing at some point, is asking people for money. Despite years of trying to get around this issue, there seems to be no life hack for this problem. In this vein, Jack discusses the unfortunate reality of cold calling, and how, despite sentiment, if it didn’t work - companies wouldn’t be doing it.

Finally, he encourages founders to find out what they’re obsessed with. If you’re obsessed with UI, then you will found a company that has great UI. If you believe DevRel is the future, then your company’s DevRel team will flourish. As a founder, you get to set the tone - so embrace it!

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