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Jake Ward

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Jake Ward
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Richard Roger
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Jake Ward
Co-Founder and CEO of Data Protocol

Today we’re speaking to Jake Ward, Co-Founder and CEO of Data Protocol. Data Protocol is a developer engagement and support platform that hosts and produces high quality video content to help companies effectively communicate to developers. 

We all know that interactive and video content has the power to teach and engage people in a way that written documentation struggles with, and this reality is what has formed the basis for Jake and his team to go about making video content accessible for everyone. Beyond that, it reduces the need for individuals to go digging through Youtube videos from 2009 to find the resources they need to use a service.

Jake also chats with us about the bigger DevRel picture. Can the recent divestment in DevRel be attributed perhaps to its overlap with marketing as a whole? And if measurement is the key to securing our future, are we approaching it with the right strategy?

On empathy, Jake stresses that it’s hard to see empathy standards held up while DevRel sits under the marketing umbrella, again raising the question of whether that umbrella is quite the right place for it.

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