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James Cook

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James Cook
Podcast Host
Richard Roger
Voxgig Founder
Podcast Guest
James Cook
Director of DevOps at Coyote Software

We’ve all heard the phrase “herding cats”, but could it be replaced by the equally apt “herding developers”? James Cook is on the podcast to let us know. James is Director of DevOps at Coyote, a PropTech SaaS provider serving the real estate sector, as well as being a certified Microsoft MVP. He joins us for a chat about his role, his outlook, and why communication has been his most powerful tool to success.One of the biggest topics James gets into on this episode is the issue of communicating with developers, and getting them to communicate with each other. The need for effective documentation plays a huge part in this as well, as no one wants to end up having a talented developer leave your team, only for you to realise you can’t begin to decipher the code they left behind.According to James, having a team that’s ready and willing to come together and solve problems is the ultimate way of efficiently making work. And while meetings may be tedious, James has found ways to restructure them for his team, with the purpose and result of wasting less time, and getting more done.Finally, he speaks to us about writing, and how structure and discipline have been what has kept him on track for his personal writing goals. Writing doesn’t have to be spontaneous to be interesting and high quality, and James lays this out for us in no uncertain terms.Reach out to James here: out more and listen to previous podcasts here: to our newsletter for weekly updates and information about upcoming meetups: the Dublin DevRel Meetup group here:

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