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Jock Busuttil

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Jock Busuttil
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Richard Roger
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Jock Busuttil
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Jock Busuttil reveals how he turned his flair for product management into a speaking career, and how he set up a home studio for live streaming using an old television.

Jock Busuttil is a product manager who believes that if there was more common sense in the world, there would be no need for product managers! This blend of honesty and humour was a feature of his Fireside Chat with Richard.

Jock gives an insight into the world of a product manager and shares how he turned his product management experience into a successful speaking career. He also tells Richard how he set up his home studio following the COVID lockdown, with a couple of lights, a camera – and an old television!

Find out more about Jock Busuttil at The Product People here.

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