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Joe Drumgoole

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Joe Drumgoole
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Joe Drumgoole
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Welcome to the Voxgig Podcast. We talk to people in the developer community about developer relations, public speaking and community events. For more details, visit All right, let's get started.

Today my guest is Joe Drumgoole. Joe is a senior dev rel person at MongoDB. I first came across Joe when I saw him pitch a startup at one of the very early Web Summit conferences and I thought to myself, I gotta get to know this guy. He was impressive then and he's pretty impressive now. We talk about the development of developer relations, how critical it has been to the success of MongoDB – which, by the way, is really cool these; I use it myself.

We talk about developing skill of speaking at conferences, and how it is a skill and something that you can learn. And we talk about the importance of identifying the economic reason for why someone uses your software and how important that is in developer relations. Take it away, Joe.

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