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Jono Bacon

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Jono Bacon
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Richard Roger
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Jono Bacon

Public speaking consultant Jono Baker is on a mission to help companies create strong communities, and in this Fireside Chat with Richard, he shares his own golden rules for building brilliant communities.

Jono Bacon is a heavy metal guitarist who once played in the place where Iron Maiden played their first gig. He’s also a public speaker, a consultant and the author of books about building communities. His mission is to help companies create successful communities. In this Fireside Chat with Richard, which crackled with dynamism and cool vibes,

Jono talked about the value of building a brilliant community around yourself as a speaker – it’s not egotistical at all. He also outlined how to package your message in a way that audiences can understand.

Find out more about Jono Bacon on his website here and on Wikipedia here. You can also find out more about his books on Goodreads here.

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