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Jono Bacon

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Jono Bacon
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Richard Roger
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Jono Bacon
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No surprise given Jono’s heavy metal credentials, this episode starts out with a reassuring tale about a rock gig…with more people in the band than in the audience…. So as a conference speaker or community builder, remember that everyone has started out somewhere and not every moment on every stage has been perfect. It all takes practice. Jono takes us through his approach to conference speaking. This is gold. This podcast is dedicated to helping DevRel professionals to be the best they can be in this complex and diverse role. This episode is a repeat from our archive of public speaking  podcasts from 2020 and is being re-released as it is timely and relevant as the in-person events are ramping up well and truly this year.

And then there’s a good discussion on open source communities and how it’s going on in an enterprise way. Open source burnout is also considered as one of the downsides of the explosion in acceptance and popularity of open source.

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