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Jorge Barrachina Gutiérrez

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Jorge Barrachina Gutiérrez
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Richard Roger
Voxgig Founder
Podcast Guest
Jorge Barrachina Gutiérrez
DevRel, Engineer and Developer Advocate

Jorge Barrachina Gutiérrez may be an engineer by official title, but he hasn’t let those kinds of labels restrict him in his career, and neither should you. Jorge is our wonderful guest today on the podcast, and we’re delighted to have him in for a chat about authorship, adaptability and his work with AI.

Jorge’s book, ‘DevRel Puzzle’ gives a hefty clue as to its contents. He lays out his perspective on how DevRel requires those engaged with it to fit many elements together in different ways, and in different contexts. Underlying his whole outlook, is his interest in the social side of DevRel, and how humans communicate as a whole.

Jorge has spent the majority of his career between multiple fields, including DevOps, but is now focused on AI, an area that Jorge acknowledges can often be brought down by its bad actors. However this hasn’t stopped those with a genuine passion and curiosity from continuing to make strides in the space.

Jorge encourages us to think less about “best practice” and more about customary practice. In DevRel, the one-size-fits-all approach is rarely effective, and that means you need to be highly adaptable, and ready to mould your approach within a specific context. This is a highly relevant exploration of ideas that we feel will be extremely helpful.

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