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José Haro Peralta

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José Haro Peralta
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Richard Roger
Voxgig Founder
Podcast Guest
José Haro Peralta
Author of Microservice APIs

If you're an API enthusiast, then we can only imagine that our last few episodes have been a dream come true. Well the dream just got a whole lot better, as this episode's guest is none other than José Haro Peralta, author of Microservice APIs. José is an independent consultant based in London, and he joins us to explain all about his process in helping companies build excellent systems.

José has a background in DevOps, and he cites his inherited mentality from this time as being an aid in his current position. He goes into his life as a freelancer, and touts remote working as a productivity game changer.

When it comes to API vs microservices, José believes that if it gets the job done, then it doesn't tend to make a huge material difference. The main thing developers should be focusing on is security. Many people have made the mistake of thinking that a private network doesn't need a great deal of, or potentially any security. But as someone who would know better than most, José believes all systems are created equal, and if you fail to prepare for a breach, then you can prepare to fail at keeping your network safe.

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