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Julia Furst Morgado

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Julia Furst Morgado
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Richard Roger
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Julia Furst Morgado
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According to Julia Furst Morgado, if you work in DevRel, youneed to be able to code. And Julia defends her position on this. How can youunderstand the product? How can you explain it? How can you create demos? Whileyou might not need to be a software engineer, you do need an understanding ofcode and a willingness to keep learning and developing.

This theme of continuous learning comes out time and againin this Fireside with Voxgig podcast episode with Julia. Her ambition and workethic is an inspiration – but they are also motivational as her efforts havepaid off in her career and continue to reap results in her amazing ability tobuild communities.

A wonderful conversation and chance to listen to an honestdiscussion of DevRel as a career.


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