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Lewis Meyers

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Lewis Meyers
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Richard Roger
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Lewis Meyers
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In this podcast we talk to people from across the spectrum of developer relations, from vice presidents, to experienced developer relations professionals, public speakers, event organisers and community builders – and to those just starting out on their developer relations career. This week, Richard talks to Lewis Meyers in an open, honest and fascinating conversation about breaking in to the tech industry from a military and martial arts background. Lewis did a bootcamp, and they discuss the attitude towards bootcamps and his experience as a bootcamp student.


They also discuss in depth the wide divergence of approaches companies take when hiring developer relations. As Lewis puts it, they tend to lean more heavily on one or two of the 3 Cs (code, content and community), and some will be explicit, others won’t really know until they are part way through the hiring process! So you need to be clear on what you are and what drives you in developer relations.


Lewis thinks so deeply about his craft and his career choices, that he and Richard have a discussion on how the tech industry could be improved with perhaps a bit more professionalism  - and intentional humility and willingness to serve.

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