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Liz Acosta

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Liz Acosta
Podcast Host
Richard Roger
Voxgig Founder
Podcast Guest
Liz Acosta
Developer Content Marketing Manager for Streamlit

The wonderful Liz Acosta joins us on this episode of the podcast for a slightly philosophical chat on community, the different iterations of DevRel, and why we as humans will always gravitate to the things we perceive as “real”.

Liz is the new Developer Content Marketing Manager for Streamlit at Snowflake, and this provides us with a wonderful opportunity to learn from someone right in the process of determining their role in an organisation! Liz talks to us about her plans for Streamlit, all of which centre connection and community heavily.

As someone who has worked heavily in DevRel, Liz has no intentions of abandoning the Developer Advocates at Streamlit to fend for themselves, and her passion for connecting with people is more than clear.

Liz tells us all about the evolution of DevRel, and why she believes increased regulation and codifying of previously informal guidelines is a good thing. Not only that, but for those of you who enjoy a good philosophical discussion, she explains that while we all appreciate things that are “real”, the not-so-real can be just as valuable. Whether that be AI generated copy, or an artist who lip-syncs their way through a concert!

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