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Martin Woodward

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Martin Woodward
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Richard Roger
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Martin Woodward
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Fun Fact: Our guest this week is a once-developer who, believe it or not, registered Microsoft’s first Github account!

Martin Woodward has been helping first Microsoft and then Github build, sustain and support their respective open-source communities.

There are a lot of highlights in his long distinguished career as he is now the Vice President of Developer Relations, #DevRel has influenced him throughout his career.

With Martin as our guest and Richard Rodger as our host, the topics discussed are practical things such as what recording we use for preparing a content, and similar. We talk about the impact of AI, coding and how it can improve tooling.

Tooling plays a very significant role as the help of a #DevRel to be more effective and - more importantly – productive. This is when the quality of product comes into play. The product, as we know it, is used by the developers and, then, there are the people who make the product.
#DevRel is about creating a bridge between the two parties so as to make the product better.

If you ever wondered what would be one of the most considerable impacts you can have in #DevRel, it is helping others to purse or further their careers. In this podcast, listen to what Martin has to say that can help you take on this assignment accordingly.

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