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Megan Slater

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Megan Slater
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Listen closely and you’ll hear the wheels turning in Richard's brain as this conversation goes on and he gets the how to guide from Megan on community building. They get in to the weeds on community building tools, especially Slack channels, Commonroom webapp and Discord. Megan chats about the “old guard” of devrel, with one of the old guards!

This conversation is a true guide to practical community building for your organisation and product or service. Using CTO Craft as an example of a start up with the sole purpose to build community, their success reflects just how possible and valuable communities are. Richard has used CTO Craft’s Slack channel and understands the loneliness at the top which Megan and CTO Craft aim to lessen.

As proof of success, the upcoming CTO Craft conference is sold out! This first in person conference in London, on 23rd and 24th of this month may be sold out, but they are announcing a November conference, so you can check out the outcomes of the May conference to make sure you book early for the November version!


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