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Mike Amundsen

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Mike Amundsen
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Richard Roger
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Mike Amundsen
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Have you ever been on the phone to a company representative and thought “You know, if only this human on the other side of the call was instead a chatbot who would be even less receptive to my problems”?

Us neither. And yet the looming threat of LLMs replacing consumer facing roles continues to do just that - loom. But today's wonderful guest Mike Amundsen is here to explain why moving away from the human side of technology may ultimately be the death knell of any community your company may have built.

Mike has worked in the API space for the last 20 years. He's written many articles and books on the subject, as well as working with companies all over the world who have taught him more and more about how to use and get the most out of APIs.

Mike goes into the differences between working on small scale startup APIs and the much larger enterprise endeavours. The surprising reality is that while tech might be an issue for startups lacking resources, the problem for the big companies is people. Everything you need to create great work is at your fingertips, but you've now got 50 team members to wrangle. Pick your poison.

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