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Nolan Di Mare Sullivan

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Nolan Di Mare Sullivan
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Richard Roger
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Nolan Di Mare Sullivan
Developer Relations at Speakeasy

Imagine this scenario. You’ve created a brilliant, well functioning API. Sure, there’s a few minor issues here and there but it works the way it’s supposed to. Or so you thought until, for the first time in a while, you decided to use it yourself. Lo and behold, not only does it not work, the documentation is a total mess. Well today’s guest Nolan Sullivan doesn’t have to imagine it - he’s seen it more than a few times!

Nolan is the sole DevRel of Speakeasy, a company making the integration of APIs go from grating, to seamless. They’re all about making APIs easy to create and consume, and while they’ve started on the consumption end, their long term goal is to create a full tool chain for creating and consuming APIs.

Nolan speaks to us about testing, and how they’ve begun to notice an interesting behaviour in their users. When developers start building SDKs, and they use their own APIs, they very quickly become confronted with the shortcomings of their own creations. It seems obvious, but sometimes you really do have to be on the other side of the user experience to find the flaws.

This episode continues our API series on the podcast and includes some fascinating insights and advice - including Nolan’s observation that integrating your API should be the easy part of someone’s to-do list - not the hardest.

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