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Philipp Krenn

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Philipp Krenn
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Richard Roger
Voxgig Founder
Podcast Guest
Philipp Krenn
Head of Developer Relations at Elastic

When it comes to Developer Relations, today’s guest believes the word “developer” comes first in that label for a reason. We’re speaking to Philipp Krenn, Head of DveRel and developer Advocacy at Elastic, and he’s here to chat to us about the work he and his 20 person DevRel team are currently doing.

Philipp discusses the adjustment to meetups after covid, and how factors such as distance can affect cultural differences in this realm. As Europeans we often forget that while we can be in another country in an hour, those in America face a far lengthier journey to the average in-person conference. This means what’s on offer is going to have to be good.

He chats to Richard about the place of DevRel under the company system. Experience has shown us that DevRel under marketing is never really a perfect fit. It’s like trying to combine two countries that have completely different currencies. Sure, they both use money, but that’s about where the similarities end.

Lastly, he takes us through his history, and how simply saying yes to interesting opportunities has taken him on a path that he could never have predicted, but wouldn't have any other way.

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