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PJ Hagerty

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PJ Hagerty
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PJ Hagerty

Be warned: this podcast contains kindness and care and a decent description of how Guns&Roses are a guide for startups!

With that being said - this week, we have an inspiring chat with PJ Hagerty as he brings the spirit of Guns&Roses and Buffalo, New York!

PJ is a developer, writer, speaker, musician, and Community Advocate. He shares with us his life story of getting into tech and founding one of the first DevRel communities. In his journey to DevRel, the combination of luck and curiosity came in very handy – when back in the day you could do only so much with computers.

As a member of a musical band, he learned the first bits and pieces of how a community can contribute to a lot of success and how people, rather than computers, are the heart of everything.

PJ Hagerty was there at the dawn of Developer Relations – the primordial ooze from which DevRel grew in 2012! Is DevRel even a career choice and how to get into DevRel?!

This is about the journey in to DevRel and the ethos that can make you successful in the role.

It is also about community care and finding the person in the room who feels they don’t belong and help them to feel like they should.

Learn more about PJ on his LinkedIn.

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