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Rex St John

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Rex St John
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Richard Roger
Voxgig Founder
Podcast Guest
Rex St John
Founder of Taroko Technologies

This episode is a slightly futuristic one. Or potentially not futuristic? We’re talking about AI with Rex St John and he’s here to tell us why the "future” of AI is looking more and more like it will soon be the present. Rex is the Founder of Taroko Technologies and an experienced DevRel and Technical evangelist.

Rex takes us through his history, from marketing, to software engineering to a technical evangelist, a foray into crypto, and now founder who’s running his own company. Taroko Technologies builds web and mobile apps that combine the most useful parts of design and technology.

Rex explains that while the AI space may feel quiet, it’s simply because the snow globe it's contained in has been violently shaken, if not shattered, and those who existed in the space previous to the recent shakeup are now scrambling to match the industry with breakthroughs of their own.

Rex created Taroko with a focus on developers, but according to him, by necessity they have now had to branch out and divide their attention amongst the numerous new roles that have cropped up due to AI and the complex needs of large systems, notably he denotes his own role as “creator relations”, an interesting evolution of former terms that don’t quite cover Rex’s full role.

It was a pleasure to have Rex on the show, to explain why Star Trek: The Next Generation now looks old in comparison to the technologies Rex and his colleagues have been developing.

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