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Sid Maestre

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Sid Maestre
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Sid Maestre
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It’s possible we generated more questions than we answered in this episode. This was straight from the practice of developer relations. Sid is the VP of Developer Relations at APIMatic which has been around about eight years but has a start-up energy. Sid’s role is to improve their explanation and communication of their SDKs and APIs.

 This includes a glorious description of a date format fix got softly rolled out to “hide” technical debt through a SDK. And as for a steering committee on API governance? API versioning? You have come to the right place! We believe we are moving to a world where attitudes to APIs and SDKs have matured. These discussions on specifications and documentation is valuable. Meaningful, better feedback from customers through specification mocking. But at the heart of everything is the developer experience so your oftware will be adopted and loved.

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