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Taariq Lewis (repeat)

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Taariq Lewis (repeat)
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Richard Roger
Voxgig Founder
Podcast Guest
Taariq Lewis (repeat)
Founder and CEO at Volume Finance

For today's episode, we're looking back to September of last year, when Richard spoke to Taariq Lewis of Volume Finance. Let's refresh ourselves on the activity within the Blockchain landscape from a true industry insider.

Taariq gave Richard work when Richard needed it many years ago. They’ve each gone on and had several start ups and overcome lots of entrepreneurial hurdles since then, but that core decency informs not only this episode but Taariq and Richard’s philosophy about hiring and people. As Taariq put it about his previous and current ventures, “if we don’t make it, my team will make it.”.

And what about that team? What does it do? Well, started life as a consultancy to help blockchain companies get their products to market. Now, Volume Finance is the main developer on Paloma, a blockchain. So where does the DevRel come in? Well, everywhere. Taariq is very open about the challenges he and others in the Blockchain and crypto space face. For Taariq, he uses DevRel to help developers navigate the “non-stop new” and choose quality, well funded projects on which to work. Taariq and Volume spend time building credibility and trust with their community. It’s not easy, but it works and is worthwhile.

This episode is important because it exposes the reality that there are decent people working in Blockchain, helping this decentralised, distributed computing become more relevant to more people and businesses - even boring insurance companies!

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