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Tim Berglund

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Tim Berglund
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Richard Roger
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Podcast Guest
Tim Berglund
Vice President of Developer Relations at StarTree

“So you’re telling me that a DevRel’s job is more than just posting funny tweets and partying at conferences?”

Yes. Yes we are.

And so is our guest on today’s episode - Tim Berglund. Tim is the Vice President of Developer Relations at Star Tree, and he breaks down for us what DevRel means to him, and how he counteracts people’s misconceptions about the role.

In today’s world, it’s as difficult as ever for a DevRel to describe their job, but Tim gives it a go on this episode of the podcast. What’s important to know is that a DevRel’s job should leave room for “fun” stuff. The whole reason the role benefits a company is that it gives a member of the team the time and space to explore new, creative ways of doing things and achieving goals. A DevRel that wasn’t having at least a little bit of fun wouldn't be doing a very good job!

Though after the play hard, comes the work hard. And for DevRels that often comes in the form of justifying your own existence. Tim explains that DevRel will never be like marketing, where webinars and dinners can lead to a phone call the next day - easy to track, right? DevRel is a little more complicated than that. You might not know who’s on the other side of your video, or blog post, and might never be able to track their journey from interacting with your content, to becoming a customer years down the line.

So in the meantime, you're left with making general measurements and collecting testimonies, that while helpful, could be much improved upon as a system.

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