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Tim Nolet

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Tim Nolet
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Richard Roger
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Tim Nolet
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This was another enjoyable episode for Richard where he gets to talk to the Co-Founder of a service he uses, regularly and with great success! Tim Nolet is the CTO and Co-Founder of Checkly, a synthetic testing tool. Don’t worry – Tim explains synthetic in this context. Tim built Checkly through bootstrapping. This was a side project that grew out of control! And of course, developer relations makes an appearance. Tim needed to make a conscious decision to dedicate 50% of his time to developer relations(again, before it really had a name) and this consistent focus on Checkly’s voice, useful, teaching resources like longer blogs etc. …and now they have over 800 customers and a growing team! More proof, if required, of the value developer relations.


This podcast is for everyone, but is a great example to both tech and non-tech CEOs of tech companies to reassure them that devrel works.

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